Summer Camp

2021 Summer Camp Information

June 1, 2021 - In-store camps will be held! Rates of Covid-19 transmission are down, rates of vaccination are up, and CDC camp guidelines are encouraging. Campers will be receiving an email soon with forms.

All camps have been sold out except the last week of Camp Hogwarts (July 26-30) has limited availability.

Virtual Comics Camp!

This camp has been canceled.

Virtual D&D Camp – Yeah, We’re Still Playing D&D!

June 21 – 25 | Rising 4-6 Graders

With Justin

Maximum Enrollment: 12

Cost: $350

At the core of D&D Camp is the game Dungeons & Dragons. As we designed the curriculum for this new camp, we decided to turn this into a D&D campaign. For those who are not familiar, D&D is a group storytelling game where players take on the rolls of adventurers in a fantasy story. A campaign defines one complete story from beginning to end and can take multiple sessions to complete. As planned, the adventures we were going to run during camp were intended to be compressed into the one week, bolstered with lots of fun activities, crafts, and storytelling.

Instead, we will run a single campaign, with three sessions a week, for as long as needed to complete the campaign adventure. We expect this would be 2-3 weeks of gaming, with each session taking about 3 hours (with breaks). This would be facilitated using a specialized online platform called Roll20. It’s like Zoom, but with maps and character sheets and automated dice rolls, etc.

The meetings will take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons (exact time TBD) starting on June 21st.

In addition, each camper will receive a D&D activity box delivered to your home and filled with D&D related books, dice, games, & other things to occupy their summer and give them lots of materials to engage their imaginations.

We wish we could hold this camp in the shop as we really miss interacting with your kids. Hopefully this will be of interest to you and your camper and you all will find this to be a wonderful substitution under the circumstances.

Magic Tree House Camp

June 28 to July 2 | Rising 1-2 Graders

With Sunny

Please note: Magic Tree House Camp Hogwarts has sold out.

Maximum enrollment: 12

Cost: $350

Calling all boys and girls who hunger for adventure and knowledge! The upstairs of Little Shop of Stories has turned into a giant Magic Tree House and it’s whisking campers off to different places in history just like Jack and Annie.  Join us for a week of dinosaurs, ninjas, cowboys, mummies, wild animals, magic tricks, and so much more! We’ll spend lots of time doing games, activities, and crafts based on each place we’ll visit. Please note that it is helpful if your camper is familiar with the Magic Tree House series before starting camp.

Camp Hogwarts

July 5 – 9 

July 12 - 16

July 19 - 23

July 26 - 30

Please note: Each week of Camp Hogwarts has sold out.

Maximum enrollment: 12

Cost: $350

The Ministry of Magic is pleased to announce that 24 lucky young Witches and Wizards will be accepted to the Hogwarts Camp of Witchcraft and Wizardry this summer. All students will receive training in Potions, Divination, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, and Defense Against the Dark Arts.  All students will be required to sit for their O.W.L.s (Ordinary Wizarding Levels) at the end of the week- NO EXCEPTIONS.  In addition to lessons, students may participate in extracurricular activities, including Quidditch. However, loss of limb will not excuse you from completing assignments. Please note: It is important that all students have read at least the first book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, to fully experience this camp.

A camper may only attend one week of Camp Hogwarts.