Author Inquiry Information

Hello amazing author, and congratulations on your book!

If a publisher with a publicist is responsible for your book, please have them contact us at! However, if you are responsible for your own marketing of your title, read below:

  • Please be aware that we are an independent, local, children's bookstore, and our customer base reflects this. We prioritize books for kids and books by authors in Decatur and other local communities.
  • If your book is stocked by our distributor Ingram, then we are happy to offer your book to our customers. If your book is readily available from our distributor, we will make sure it's listed on our website so you can share that with your readers.
  • Before you ask about us stocking your book on our shelves, understand that we stock books in store based on demand.* So share your book's listing on our website with friends, family, and fans!
  • Please do not mail us flyers, ARCs, or other promotional materials; they are likely to get misplaced. Anything we do receive will be donated.
  • Above all, it is important that everyone understands that large online retailers are not distributors, but are our competitors. We cannot carry books exclusively distributed through them, and we will not carry or promote books whose promotional materials prioritize online retailers over independent bookstores such as ourselves.
  • Unfortunately, we have not been able to bring back our Author Event Package and don't know when we will be able to bring it back. Check this page and our social media for news about it's return.

Again, congratulations on publishing your book! We know how hard it is to write a book and we appreciate the work you do. Good luck with everything, and thank you for reaching out to Little Shop of Stories.


*Other criteria we require: all books must be returnable and available at a standard discount as well.

Author Event Package (currently on hold!)

If you are an independent author and you wish to use our bookstore for an author event or book launch, please send a request to There is a fee of $175.00 for the use of our space. Events are scheduled once a month, on a Friday night we have available, from 7pm to 8pm. The author will have access to the space as of 6:30pm. We’ll set up the space, provide a bookseller to handle setup and and cleanup, and assist you with any event needs such as a signing line through 8:30pm. If you can provide the books we’ll add the title to our system, track sales, and then reimburse you 85% of sales. Be prepared to invoice us that evening so as to speed up the process. We will include information about your event in our newsletter and on our website. You are welcome to bring any promotional materials you wish, from food to giveaways.