How Virtual Bookfairs Work

Sometimes it is easier to search for books from the comfort of your own home. Or maybe something you wanted at the bookfair was sold out at your school. Or maybe you would like to take a look at the books your child wants to purchase before you send them to school with money. Little Shop of Stories has you covered!!! We are proud to present our new and improved virtual bookfairs! Ready to shop now? Click here to browse by category. A portion of all in-person and virtual bookfair sales goes back to your school! What a great way to raise money while promoting literacy and supporting your local independent bookstore! 



All schools hosting virtual fairs will be given a unique coupon code. At checkout, simply enter your school's code so that your sale may be tracked and credited to your school. Spread the word! You may share the coupon code with family and friends to meet fundraising goals! If you do not know your coupon code, please check with your school OR email:


Find the perfect book as you browse all of the titles at your in-person bookfair- online! These books include brand new titles, beloved classics, holiday reads, intriguing non-fiction, and so much more! All books are organized by categories, so no matter the reader, there is something for everyone. The categories are based on reading level as well as subject matter. Have specific titles in mind? Want to buy your book club book for next month? Any book available through our website can count toward your virtual bookfair. The categories are merely suggestions. 


Want to buy a book for your teacher? Click the Teacher Wishlist button below to see if your teacher has created an online wishlist. No wishlist for your teacher? We've got you covered. You can click the Donation button below to make a donation in any amount to your teacher. 


Would you like to make a donation for a teacher or a student in need at your school? Click the Donation button below. All money collected will go directly to book vouchers and books for your school.


Your virtual bookfair order is just like any other online order with Little Shop of Stories. You have two options:

  • Pick-up at Little Shop of Stories- You may choose to pick up your order in-store. This is the fastest option! We process orders as quickly as possible, but it does not mean that all orders will be available for pick-up immediately. If you select in-store pick-up, you will be notified via email as soon as your order is ready. 

  • Ship to me- Little Shop is happy to ship your order to you! Regular shipping rates apply. All orders over $40 ship free. 


Can't find the answer to your question here? Check out the FAQs page to see how we can help!