Halloween Boo Bags

SKU: BooBag

Boo Bags are back!

The Little Shop Halloween tradition continues!  Have a friend or family you want to boo? We will put together a fun and spooky/not spooky bag and deliver* it to their door before Halloween. Boo Bags are available at $25 and $50 and will include books and other Halloween themed goodies (no candy). The deadline to order Boo Bags is Monday, October 24th. Let the booing begin!

Remember: If you've been booed, be sure to post our fun graphic in your window to let your neighbors know! And then get ready to boo someone else!

*Our Boo Bag delivery zone includes the following zip codes: 30030, 30002, 30306, 30307, 30317, 30322, 30324, 30329, 30032, 30033, & 30079.  We can also ship Boo Bags anywhere in the U.S.

Weight: 4 lb
Minimum: $25.00
Maximum: $50.00
Let us know the recipient's age and any other important details!