Little Shop of Stories welcomes requests for fundraising efforts on behalf of our community’s schools and nonprofit organizations focused on children and families.

While we are happy to consider most requests, because of the limits of our available resources, we are not able to honor every request made.

Please understand that, in alignment with our vision of who and what we are in the community, we accept donation requests based on the following:

  • For the most part, we only accept requests from either educational institutions and Decatur-community-focused groups.
  • All organizations must be located in communities we serve or interact with regularly.
  • With few exceptions, we only do in-kind donations of books and gift cards. The books are drawn from a collection of designated titles and are chosen by us. Our average donation is between $50 and $100. 
  • Please use the form below to submit your donation request, and give us 30 days to review requests and either turn it down or make donations available for pick up.
  • Due to the business of the holiday season, we are not able to consider requests after Thanksgiving in a given year. Please send them after January 1.
  • We cannot consider more than one request a year for any individual organization. Thank you!
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