Bookfair FAQs

How quickly will I receive my order?

All orders are processed as quickly as possible. If the title(s) you ordered are in stock at the store, orders are available more quickly. If your book needs to be ordered, it can sometimes take up to 2 weeks. If you have chosen to pick up your order at the bookstore, you will be notified via email as soon as your order is ready. If you are having your order shipped, it will be sent via. media mail unless otherwise specified. If you need your order quickly, I would suggest expedited shipping- shipping rates apply. 

I can't remember the coupon code my school is supposed to use to get credit for online bookfair purchases?

There are so many things to keep up with and remember these days. No need for bookfairs to contribute to your stress! The coupon code is not designed to be tricky- try your school name or nickname. If this does not work, check with the school or email our bookfair staff at We will be happy to provide the code! 

My school's coupon code is not working. What do I do?

Double check the dates of your bookfair. Coupon codes will only be available during the week of your fair. If you have any questions or would like a purchase you made without using a coupon code to be credited to your school, please contact our staff at We cannot guarantee that your school will receive credit for any orders not using the code OR any orders placed after the close of your bookfair, but we will do our best!

I can't find my teacher's wishlist online. What am I doing wrong?

Not all teachers have created an online wishlist. Never fear!! You can make a teacher donation online in any amount. If you would prefer to buy them a specific title from a wishlist that may not be online, reach out to them directly for some ideas. At that time, please let them know that the online wishlist exists and is an easy way for parents and supporters to buy books for the classroom all year long. Books make great holiday and appreciation gifts! 

I completely forgot about bookfair, and placed an order for my school after the fair was over. Will my school still get credit?

Life happens, and we all need a little grace sometimes. Although we cannot guarantee that your school will receive credit for any orders placed after the close of your fair, we will do our best to try and make it happen. We are juggling lots of books, boxes, deliveries and partnerships, but when possible, we will apply your purchase to your school. Please email our staff at with your order number, sales total, and school name. 

One of the books I ordered is on backorder. What does this mean?

Although we are seeing a real improvement in availability these days, books will always be backordered. If something that you ordered is delayed or unavailable, we will contact you directly with more information. At that time, you can choose to cancel an item or wait until it becomes available again. If you have placed an order with several titles, the rest of your order will be delivered in a timely manner and will not be delayed because of the backorder. If you choose to wait on a delayed book, you may have to pick it up at the bookstore or cover shipping cost. 

I saw an item at my bookfair at school, and I cannot find it on the website. Can I still order it?

If you cannot find an item on the website that you saw at your school, please contact our bookfair staff directly at with the title or description of the item you are looking for. There are often non-book items at the bookfair that are not on the website. If we have the item that you are looking for in stock, we would be happy to save one for you! 

Help! I never received my order.

We are sorry to hear that you never received your order. Please send an email to with your order number or missing titles, and we will use our best detective skills to track your books down. We want to make sure that everyone receives their order!