Grooming, Etiquette & Manners for Teens, Young Adults & Future Leaders (Paperback)

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Think for a moment how would you feel if someone: Never says 'Please' or 'Thank You' when you help them? Or Takes or Shares your things but never shares anything of theirs with you? Snatches the remote, while you are watching TV? Makes a loud noise while eating? Belching loud? Or pushes ahead of you in a queue?

Who you are shows in how you behave and also in how you appear to others. How you look, talk, walk, sit, stand and even how you feel-in a word, the sum of how you present yourself will always speak volumes about who you are. Good manners cost us nothing, but will help us win almost everything. Good manners put others before you- the skills of respecting others and making people feel easy and comfortable. If you show good manners everywhere you go, then you are more likely to encourage others to behave in the same way towards you

In today's increasingly global arena, technical knowledge alone is not enough to ensure success. Sophistication is more and more the catchword. Given a choice between two equally talented individuals, corporations will choose the candidate with greater interpersonal and social grace skills to represent it. As our world becomes a smaller place and our economy becomes increasingly global in scope, it is becoming increasingly clear how important good manners are in all cultures. In fact knowing how to treat others well is more important now than ever. How we look, talk, walk, sit, stand, eat - ie; how we present ourselves creates the first impression that others form of us. This is true not only in personal life but more so in our professional life.
With a world that's becoming more and more competitive, proper business etiquette and interpersonal skills play an increasingly important role in the success or failure of anyone's business career and the company they represent. Knowing how to behave courteously and professionally is far from trivial. Etiquette and protocol does count in the business world, as no matter how brilliant an employee may be, his or her lack of social grace can make a bad first impression on clients and business associates.

Studies have shown that more than 60% of what is believed about us is based upon visual messages- What people see At many Fortune 500 companies, top management take potential front line employees to lunch or dinner to observe their comfort level with executives, spouses, waiters and even with the various pieces of silverware. Like it or not, management equates good manners with competence and poor manners with incompetence. Table manners can make or mar a mega-merger, especially in an era when companies are competing on the basis of service-this can be a crucial business skill. Good manners are good business

Your inability to handle yourself as is expected could be expensive--no one will tell you the real reason you didn't get the job, the promotion, that big business deal or the social engagement. Your social graces and general demeanor can tell as much about you as the way you handle an issue. Fair or not, others equate bad manners with incompetence and a lack of breeding, and the cumulative effect of this repeated faux pas in an organization, can be devastating leading to a major loss of respect, credibility, loss of reputation, and business

Your Success can start today with 'Grooming, Etiquette & Manners for Teens, Young Adults & Future Leaders' This book will help increase your confidence in your image, manners, business etiquette and interpersonal skills to help you build rapport and trust with your business customers and associates. They are not only important to know now, but will benefit you throughout your life, adding to your future success in the world of work, with you having a competitive advantage in everyday life- at university, work and in your future careers-In fact this is the only survival skill

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Publication Date: December 4th, 2022
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