Online Discovery Birds (Hardcover)

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By Penny Norman, Ann Einstein (Editor)
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ScienceWiz(R) Online Discovery Birds: Let's go dinosaur watching. They are still with us It's official: birds are literally dinosaurs -- the sole survivors of all the dinosaurs that ever lived. All the non-avian dinosaurs are long gone. Discover what makes a bird, a bird and what makes a bird, a dinosaur.

Build bird feeders. Become a bird watcher. Design different types of bird feeders and use different foods to attract different types of birds. Watch them closeup with binoculars, which are included in the kit.

Use the accompanying digital app to identify your local birds.

Become a bird song sleuth. Join in real-time nest watching online, from nest building, to egg laying, to egg hatching, to bird feeding, all the way to watching the birds leave the nest.

Can you guess the bird? Play Twenty Questions online with Electra to guess which bird she is thinking of. Electra talks and recognizes both text and speech. She answers yes/no questions about the bird she is thinking about. She gets cheeky if you ask her obnoxious questions. Can you guess the bird?

This product comes in a handle box that includes materials and instructions for the projects. It also includes access to an online discovery flipbook that integrates the hands-on projects with videos, simulations, apps and with Electra, who talks and plays games.

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ISBN: 9781958398333
ISBN-10: 1958398330
Publisher: Sciencewiz
Publication Date: January 15th, 2023
Pages: 40
Language: English