Johnsen Schmaling: On Rigor (Paperback)

Johnsen Schmaling: On Rigor By Clifford Pearson, Johnsen Schmaling Architects Cover Image
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In a world that fetishizes aesthetic frivolity and iconographic bombast at the expense of substance and nuance, the critically acclaimed work of Johnsen Schmaling Architects stands out for its conceptual rigor, profound simplicity, and quiet repose. Formally restrained and informed by innovative tectonic and material experimentations, Johnsen Schmaling's precisely crafted architecture creates poetic atmospheres of enduring clarity.

Johnsen Schmaling: On Rigor is the firm's first monograph and provides an in-depth look at thirteen seminal residential and commercial projects. The book reveals how the architects' unique reading of context and cultural memory translates into an abstract palette of architectural operations that guide the entire design process, from initial concepts to intricate, meticulously detailed material assemblies. The crisply designed book features beautiful photography and delightful graphics that illustrate how the projects came to life.

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ISBN: 9781954081130
ISBN-10: 1954081138
Publisher: Oro Editions
Publication Date: December 21st, 2021
Pages: 236
Language: English