Essentials of Practice-Based Coaching: Supporting Effective Practices in Early Childhood (Paperback)

Essentials of Practice-Based Coaching: Supporting Effective Practices in Early Childhood By Patricia Snyder, Lise Fox, Mary Louise Hemmeter Cover Image
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Widely adopted across the U.S. and around the world, Practice-Based Coaching (PBC) is a research‐based coaching framework for supporting early childhood practitioners' use of evidence‐informed teaching practices. This book--created by the respected developers of the PBC framework--is the first to offer a comprehensive introduction to this popular coaching approach and practical guidance on how to implement it with fidelity.

Ideal for use in professional development, this research‐to‐practice resource gives readers an in‐depth overview of the Practice‐Based Coaching framework and a complete guide to implementing its three key components: shared goals and action planning, focused observation, and reflection and feedback. To help professionals implement PBC with fidelity, they'll get case stories, tip boxes, reflection questions, and 30+ downloadable supporting resources, including coaching data collection forms, checklists, and organizational templates. The definitive resource on PBC, this essential guide will help programs and coaches prepare every early childhood practitioner to master today's recommended practices--and nurture the learning and healthy development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.


  • Develop collaborative partnerships between coach and coachee
  • Write effective goals and action plans
  • Put five essential coaching strategies into practice
  • Conduct practice‐focused strengths and needs assessments
  • Observe the coachee's practices and collect data about coaching efforts and effects
  • Make data‐based decisions
  • Give supportive and constructive feedback
  • Employ web‐based platforms and coaching apps to support PBC


  • Meets the Head Start Performance Standards' definition of a research‐based, coordinated coaching strategy, which all programs are required to use.
  • Supports the Pyramid Model: PBC is recognized as an effective professional development approach for implementing the social, emotional, and behavioral practices of the popular Pyramid Model.
  • Supports embedded intervention and instruction: PBC has been shown to be an effective professional development approach for implementing embedded intervention and instruction practices.
  • Practice-ready: PBC is a practice‐ready coaching framework that has been used with a variety of effective early childhood practices.
  • Flexible for today's programs: PBC can be implemented in person or virtually using video recordings.
  • Proven effective: PBC is supported by evidence that it changes or enhances practices and has related effects on child and family outcomes.

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