Code Name Danger: Unmasking a Villain (Library Binding)

Code Name Danger: Unmasking a Villain By Brian Hawkins, Anthony Pugh (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Brian Hawkins, Anthony Pugh (Illustrator)
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As Will arrives on the Code Name Danger set, he's eager to jump into filming--and to learn what it means to be a real-life secret agent. The cool gadgets, the flashy moves--Will wants them all. But when a villain from the Code Name Danger book series shows up in real life, threatening to rewrite history, Will is launched into his first mission. Fiction and fact are blurring, and it will take all Will's training--and the help of partner Fresca, tech whiz Jarvis, and spymaster Ms. Z--to piece together the villain's identity and stop him.

Will Washington plays a secret agent in the hit kids' TV show Code Name Danger, based on the bestselling book series. What no one realizes is that he's also a real-life undercover spy. Juggling filming, spy missions, and--ugh --schoolwork is tough business. But Agent Danger is up for the task

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ISBN: 9781631635229
ISBN-10: 1631635220
Publisher: Jolly Fish Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2021
Pages: 144
Language: English