All the Queen's Jewels, 1445-1548: Power, Majesty and Display (Paperback)

All the Queen's Jewels, 1445-1548: Power, Majesty and Display By Nicola Tallis Cover Image
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From Margaret of Anjou to Katherine Parr, All the Queen's Jewels examines the jewellery collections of the ten queen consorts of England between 1445-1548 and investigates the collections of jewels a queen had access to, as well as the varying contexts in which queens used and wore jewels.

The jewellery worn by queens reflected both their gender and their status as the first lady of the realm. Jewels were more than decorative adornments; they were an explicit display of wealth, majesty and authority. They were often given to queens by those who wished to seek her favour or influence and were also associated with key moments in their lifecycle. These included courtship and marriage, successfully negotiating childbirth (and thus providing dynastic continuity), and their elevation to queenly status or coronation. This book explores the way that queens acquired jewels, whether via their predecessor, their own commission or through gift giving. It underscores that jewels were a vital tool that enabled queens to shape their identities as consort, and to fashion images of power that could be seen by their households, court and contemporaries.

This book is perfect for anyone interested in medieval and Tudor history, queenship, jewellery and the history of material culture.

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ISBN: 9781032065021
ISBN-10: 1032065028
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: November 29th, 2022
Pages: 342
Language: English