A Regency Guide to Modern Life: 1800s Advice on 21st Century Love, Friends, Fun and More (Hardcover)

A Regency Guide to Modern Life: 1800s Advice on 21st Century Love, Friends, Fun and More By Carly Lane Cover Image
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Navigate the struggles of modern life—from relationships to petty office rivalries—with amusing, Austen- and Bridgerton-inspired lessons from the regency era.

What would Darcy do? How can you be more Bridgerton? Take the Regency approach and be prepared for anything life throws at you—from dates to duels, from manners to matters of the heart. You’ll soon find yourself the catch of the season.

Sick of indecent proposals from untrustworthy rakes? Be more discerning with your dance card and swipe right on only the most eligible and dashing suitors.

Does a rival at work keep trying to metaphorically (or literally) trip you up in front of the boss? Learn to sidestep petty rivalries using the rules of the Regency ballroom.

Whether you want to avoid scandal, or embrace it, keep your name out of the gossip columns and group chats with this modern take on the rules of polite society.

Putting a fresh spin on real Regency etiquette advice, A Regency Guide to Modern Life is a tongue-in-cheek handbook to navigating friendship, dating, work, summer holidays, social events, self-confidence and more—the perfect gift for fans of period dramas and Jane Austen.

About the Author

Carly Lane is a journalist who specialises in covering the entertainment industry, particularly film and television, as well as her truest love: romance novels. Her writing has appeared in Vulture, Collider, Paste Magazine, the Boston Globe, Vice, Teen Vogue, SYFY Wire, and elsewhere on the internet. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, who obligingly builds her the occasional extra bookshelf in an attempt to combat her eternal tower of a TBR.

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ISBN: 9780744069495
ISBN-10: 0744069491
Publisher: DK
Publication Date: February 7th, 2023
Pages: 128
Language: English